CMOs: Gain Control of your Marketing Stack with 4Segments

Venn Diagram

Leverage the power of your Marketing Stack – all of it. 4Segments provides true Cross-stack Segmentation™. It acts as an abstraction layer for your Marketing Stack and provides one simple, easy-to-use drag and drop interface to access all your contact data, no matter where It’s stored.

Visual Segmentation™ lets your staff work intuitively across your entire stack without writing text-based filters. It’s easy to see where the overlaps are and aren’t with a workspace that includes maps, real-time Venn diagrams, waterfall, and matrix views.

4Segments™ facilitates the creation of focused, targeted Marcom:

Access and leverage all your contact data, no matter where it is stored – without IT integrations – using 4Segments Cross-Stack Segmentation.

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