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CMO 4Segments™


Tame your Marketing Stack ‘Tower of Babel.’

Gain better insights into the totality of your market. Access and manipulate all your contact data with one easy-to-use interface, no matter where that data is stored.

Marketing Manager 4Segments™


Turn Contacts Into Action™

Say hello to visual segments and leave the Boolean text behind.

Sales Director 4Segments™


Empower your reps with targeted accounts

Segment named accounts and send them to your reps with a few clicks.

How it Works

How 4Segments™ Works

Use the power of real-time Venn diagrams to target your market with precision and confidence. Gain instant understanding as you manipulate segments and compare results in real time. Leverage success and make adjustments with segments you can save, reuse and easily modify.

4Segments™ uses a simple and intuitive, graphics-based drag-and-drop interface.

Make the most of your Marketing and CRM data without having to translate numbers in your head or deal with Boolean complexity.


About 4Segments

4Thought Marketing

4Segments enables Cross-Stack Segmentation™ using an innovative and simple-to use Visual Segmentation™ interface. A product by 4Thought Marketing, 4Segments is cloud-native, browser based, and works with every system in your Marketing Stack.

About 4Thought Marketing
We are a service and product innovator for Marketing Automation, having developed early cross-stack implementations and our breakthrough 4Segments™ for Visual Cross-Stack Segmentation™.

We go beyond tactical marketing automation implementations, making it a point to understand our customers’ bigger objectives in order to deliver outstanding solutions that are not only technically excellent but help them prove ROI.

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